Canna Butter (500mg)



Canna Butter (500mg)

Buy Canna Butter (500mg) Online EU. These classic candies are infused with 600mg of THC. You will love getting medicated with a tasty bag of chocolate These edible cannabis gummies contain no artificial flavors or colors and pack a real punch of sourness. Each bag has a total of 500mg THC per bag, this product will definitely get the job done.

Benefits of ingesting Canna Butter

What Are The Other Benefits Of Ingesting Marijuana-Infused Products?

Not as harsh on the lungs – When you inhale marijuana smoke, you are inadvertently inhaling other toxins. This can cause damage to the lungs. People with weak lungs or medical conditions that affect their lungs can experience the benefits of marijuana without having to inhale it by consuming edibles.

More of a “body high” – The effects experienced after consuming marijuana-infused products cause more sedative and relaxing feelings. Your body will be pain-free and discomfort will be alleviated.

Effects last longer – Though edibles take longer to produce a reaction, the effects also last longer – usually 3 to 7 hours. The effect is also more intense, often times eliminating the need to consume another dose.

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