Runtz Muffin Weed Strain



Runtz Muffin Weed Strain

Buy Runtz Muffin Weed Strain Online EU. Runtz Muffin is an incredibly potent and flavorful 70% Indica strain that brings together the best qualities of two popular American weed strains—Zkittlez and Gelato—combined with Barney’s Orange Punch. The latter parent contributes to Indica dominance and increased yield. An easy plant to cultivate for novice and skilled growers alike.

Runtz Muffin feminized seeds become stocky Indica that mature to about four feet tall. Its flowers display vibrant pink, purple, and green colors. The high resin content and abundance of terpenes make this strain a superb choice for extract makers. Runtz Muffin cannabis has sweet scents and flavors of lavender and clementine. The effects are euphoric and worry-free. 29% THC.

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3.5g, 7g, 14, 28g

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