Apollo Dab Rig



Apollo Dab Rig

Buy Apollo Dab Rig Online Europe. The Linx Apollo is our most advanced and versatile vaporizer. Designed with two uses, either attach the included Linx glass bubbler and use as a portable electric dab rig, or plug into your own water pipe and use as a universal E-nail. No torch is needed. Get ready to blast off with the purest vapor on the go or on any glass.

  • Compatible with 14mm or 18mm downstem, male or female water pipes.
  • All quartz heating chamber, inlaid coils, and heavy metals tested and certified.
  • One touch heat boost for an unrestricted temperature boost.
  • Toxin-free airpath.
  • Four preset temperatures.
  • Smart and accurate heating control.
  • 2600mAH large capacity battery.
  • Airflow regulation.
  • Metal casing.
  • Carrying case included.

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