Blueberry Cannabis Strain



Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Buy Blueberry Cannabis Strain Online EU. Blueberry is a famous mostly Indica hybrid created by DJ Short in the seventies. This champion strain was bred from an Oregon Purple Thai x Afghani hybrid named Flo, crossed to a Highland Thai Juicy Fruit. The resulting Afghani dominant expressions were refined to create the Original Blueberry, a name that stoners around the world recognize as the gold standard of fruity cannabis.

Blueberry plants grow fairly large and wide, putting on lavender, blue, and purple colors during flowering. Known as a stretch Indica, Blueberry can become huge outdoors. The finished product is super frosty and densely formed with big calyxes. It has powerfully sweet aromas and flavors just like real blueberries. Blueberry cannabis gives off tranquilizing effects paired with happy euphoria. Up to 24% THC.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

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