Doweedos THC Chips (600mg)



Doweedos THC Chips (600mg)

Buy Doweedos THC Chips (600mg) Online Europe. Each bag of THC Chips contains 500mg of THC. Do not get caught up eating the whole bag. Dose according to your experience and limit yourself (we know it may be hard) to the proper dosage.

Wait an hour or two after ingestion before increasing your dose.

Can you ingest Doritos THC chips? The short answer is yes; you can eat cannabis. In fact, cannabis-infused foods or drinks have been consumed throughout history, as far back as 1000 B.C.

Cannabis was used as medicine in ancient China and India and was introduced to Western medicine in the early 19th century. Edible applications, such as tinctures, were prescribed to treat various conditions, from chronic pain to Anxiety.

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