Medicated Nerd Ropes (500mg)



Medicated Nerd Ropes (500mg)

Buy Medicated Nerd Ropes (500mg) Online Europe. Nerds Rope Edibles are a delicious treat for you and your friends to enjoy. If you love the original NERDS candy then this is the rope for you! These delicious sweet treats are medicated with a total of 450mg THC in the entire rope. The recommended dosage is about an eighth of the rope which is the equivalent of approximately 50mg of THC.

Please dose according to your history and experience. Some users do report getting high off of just 10mg of THC. The mouthwatering Medicated Grape Nerds Rope Edibles come in a variety of flavors: Seriously Strawberry, Lemonade Wild Cherry, Blueberry, and Grape!

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Melon, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemonade, Grape, Grape Cherry Lemonade, Original, Rick and Morty, Mixed Berry, Sour

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