THC:CBD Oil – (250mg – 750mg THC) (1000mg – 3000mg CBD)


Each Bottle Contains 30ml of Oil

250mg THC : 1000mg CBD Bottle:


THC:CBD Oil – (250mg – 750mg THC) (1000mg – 3000mg CBD)

Buy THC:CBD Oil – (250mg – 750mg THC) (1000mg – 3000mg CBD) Online Europe. Tinctures and Oils are our fastest acting internal remedy. Formulated with pure THC Distillate & MCT oil to help deliver the cannabinoids via a more bioavailable method. 

THC Oil may also assist in supporting inflammation, sleep inconsistencies, headaches, migraines, joint + muscle tightness, chronic pain, and anxiety. Or use this potent oil to make your own edibles at home! Be confident that you will have an accurate dose each time when using this oil. Shake well before using! 

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