Walkabout Weed Strain



Walkabout Weed Strain

Buy Walkabout Weed Strain Online Europe. Walkabout is a 100% pure sativa strain created by crossing the potent Thai X Northern Indian X Haze X Mexican X Early Skunk strains. Named for the Aboriginal tradition in Australia for a spiritual journey. Walkabout packs a lifting and soothing high that will have you feeling energized and inspired from start to finish.

The high starts with a subtle build, hitting you almost as soon as you exhale and filling you with a sense of lifted euphoria. You’ll feel any negative moods or racing thoughts ease away, replaced with a sense of happy energy and motivation that gets you moving on your to-do list with ease. This is accompanied by an overall sense of tranquility that helps calm the senses and leaves you feeling relaxed, although still energized.

Combined with its high 18-19% average THC level, these dreamy effects give Walkabout an edge in treating a variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue, migraines or headaches, chronic stress or anxiety, PTSD, and ADD or ADHD. This bud has a sweet and fruity tropical citrus flavor with a lightly spicy exhale.

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